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A Light Armor Block commonly seen in Space Engineers.

Blocks are the main building material in Space Engineers. They make up all Small Ships, Large Ships, and Stations, giving them structural integrity and protection from threats, the ability to refine ores and produce Components in which blocks are made of, and are constructed using a Welder by the player.

Construction[edit | edit source]

Different stages of Construction.

While a block can simply be placed in Creative mode, it must be constructed through welding and the use of Components. As a block is being constructed it will change appearance as the parts are added, and a Display will show the Components that the Block has and requires to be completed. A percentage on a bar will show how close it is to completion, and a Red line on the bar will show how close the block is to being functional. If there is Computer Components within the Block, a Blue line will display at which point they are constructed and the builder has Ownership.

Destruction[edit | edit source]

A Block that has been visibly deformed by damage.

Blocks are able to be destroyed in a variety of ways. the most common ways are through the use of Weaponry, a collision with an Asteroid or other blocks, and Thruster damage. A grinder can also be used to deconstruct a block, giving back a portion of the Components used to construct the block and removing Ownership of a block upon removal of Computer Components.

Dimensions[edit | edit source]

A Large and Small block next to each other for comparison. the length of five Small blocks equals the Length of a single Large one.

The Width, length and Height of a Block that takes a single 1x1x1 space is 2.5 Meters on Large Ships and Stations, while Small ships are 0.5 Meters. Many blocks take up multiple spaces, giving them different heights and widths than others. This along with the Materials that make the block also give a varied degree of Weight, which effect the maneuverability of a spacecraft.

Block Types[edit | edit source]

In General, There are two Different Block types. Structural Blocks hold the ship together, armor it and gives it it's shape, while Functional blocks give the ship the ability to do many various things, from movement and rotation to Communications and offensive capabilities.

Structural Blocks[edit | edit source]

Light Armor[edit | edit source]

Light Armor Block
Light Armor Inverted Corner
Light Armor Slope
Light Armor Corner
Light Armor Slope (2x1x1 Base)
Light Armor Slope (2x1x1 Tip)
Light Armor Corner (2x1x1 Base)
Light Armor Corner (2x1x1 Tip)
Light Armor Inv Corner (2x1x1 Base)
Light Armor Inv Corner (2x1x1 Tip)
Light Armor Slope (2x1x1 Base Smooth)
Light Armor Slope (2x1x1 Tip Smooth)
Light Armor Corner (2x1x1 Base Smooth)
Light Armor Corner (2x1x1 Tip Smooth)
Light Armor Inv Corner (2x1x1 Base Smooth)
Light Armor Inv Corner (2x1x1 Tip Smooth)
Rounded Armor Slope
Rounded Armor Corner
Angled Armor Slope
Angled Armor Corner
Round Armor Slope
Round Armor Corner
Round Armor Inv Corner

Heavy Armor[edit | edit source]

Heavy Armor Block
Heavy Armor Inverted Corner
Heavy Armor Slope
Heavy Armor Corner
Heavy Armor Slope (2x1x1 Base)
Heavy Armor Slope (2x1x1 Tip)
Heavy Armor Corner (2x1x1 Base)
Heavy Armor Corner (2x1x1 Tip)
Heavy Armor Inv Corner (2x1x1 Base)
Heavy Armor Inv Corner (2x1x1 Tip)
Heavy Armor Slope (2x1x1 Base Smooth)
Heavy Armor Slope (2x1x1 Tip Smooth)
Heavy Armor Corner (2x1x1 Base Smooth)
Heavy Armor Corner (2x1x1 Tip Smooth)
Heavy Armor Inv Corner (2x1x1 Base Smooth)
Heavy Armor Inv Corner (2x1x1 Tip Smooth)
Rounded Heavy Armor Slope
Rounded Heavy Armor Corner
Angled Heavy Armor Slope
Angled Heavy Armor Corner
Heavy Armor Round Slope
Heavy Armor Round Corner
Heavy Armor Round Inv Corner

Windows[edit | edit source]

Window (Vertical)
Window (Diagonal)
Window (1x1 Flat)
Window (1x1 Flat Inv)
Window (1x2 Flat)
Window (1x2 Flat Inv)
Window (2x3 Flat)
Window (2x3 Flat Inv)
Window (3x3 Flat)
Window (3x3 Flat Inv)
Window (1x1 Slope)
Window (1x2 Slope)
Window (1x1 Side)
Window (1x2 Side Right)
Window (1x2 Side Left)
Window (1x1 Face)
Window (1x1 Inv)
Window (1x2 Face)
Window (1x2 Inv)

Aesthetic[edit | edit source]

Blast Door
Blast Door Edge
Blast Door Corner
Blast Door Corner Inverted
Interior Pillar
Interior Wall
Steel Catwalk
Steel Catwalk (Corner)
Steel Catwalk (Plate)
Steel Catwalk (Two Sides)
Cover Wall (Half)
Cover Wall (Full)

Other[edit | edit source]

Rotor Part
Advanced Rotor Part
Top Piston Part
Wheel (1x1)
Wheel (3x3)
Wheel (5x5)

Functional Blocks[edit | edit source]

Control[edit | edit source]

Control Station
Flight Seat
Passenger Seat
Fighter Cockpit
Remote Control
Control Panel
Button Panel

Movement[edit | edit source]

Jump Drive
Thruster (Small)
Thruster (Large)
Wheel Suspension (1x1)
Wheel Suspension (3x3)
Wheel Suspension (5x5)

Power[edit | edit source]

Reactor (Small)
Reactor (Large)
Solar Panel

Item Management[edit | edit source]

Conveyor Sorter
Conveyor Tube
Curved Conveyor Tube
Small Conveyor
Small Conveyor Sorter
Small Conveyor Tube
Small Curved Tube
Conveyor Frame
Small Cargo Container
Medium Cargo Container
Large Cargo Container

Oxygen and Player Management[edit | edit source]

Oxygen Generator
Oxygen Tank
Oxygen Farm
Air Vent
Airtight Hangar Door
Medical Room
Cryo Chamber

Navigation[edit | edit source]

Laser Antenna
Ore Detector

Defense[edit | edit source]

Gatling Gun
Gatling Turret
Interior Turret
Missile Turret
Rocket Launcher
Reloadable Rocket Launcher

Tools[edit | edit source]

Landing Gear
Merge Block

Production[edit | edit source]

Arc Furnace

Modules[edit | edit source]

Productivity Module
Effectiveness Module
Power Efficiency Module

Lighting[edit | edit source]

Interior Light

Gravity[edit | edit source]

Gravity Generator
Spherical Gravity Generator
artificial Mass
Space Ball

Visual[edit | edit source]

LCD Panel
Wide LCD Panel
Text panel

Technical[edit | edit source]

Advanced Rotor
Programmable Block
Timer Block
Sound Block